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Dec 6, 2012 8:30pm PST
's really what our office is all about. it's really why we need this person to help us understand what data is out there and how do we utilize that in conjunction with the other information that we already have. you can send a tweet. so, we're finalizing the job announcement now. if you're interested, or you know someone who is interested, you can send a tweet to sfmoci and we'll be posting the job announcement there. so, thank you very much. it's my pleasure to introduce the general manager of our rec and park department who has done some great partnerships around open data, phil ginsberg. (applause) >> can you all hear me? i'll talk into the mic. i'm the general manager of your recreation and park department and i really couldn't be happier. the recreation and park department is a city agency that historically has suffered from maybe the worst website and some of the worst technology in government. and over the last few years we have worked really hard to improve that park user's experience through the use of technology. and i want to start out before we talk a little about the app saying
Dec 19, 2012 3:30am PST
everybody. i just want to share one piece of data which i don't understand completely. maybe our friend from facebook can explain, his twitter colleagues what they do. a hash tag was created and "stop bullying sf barb and hash tag and generated 3 million personal impressions and 1.3 million followers within the last 24 hours. [applause] isn't that incredible? we talked about some of the dangers in social media today and i guess that's part of the beauty of social media and the video is part of that as well, so on behalf of all the childrens and families and parents and communities in the district i want to thank everybody for coming for all the work that you do. i feel optimistic in all of work that you do. thank you and go forth and do great work. >> this lodge is home to some of the best fly casting pools in the world. these shallow concrete pools don't have fish. this is just a place where people come to practice their fly casting technique. ith was built in the 1930's and ever since, people have been coming here to get back to nature. every year, the world championship of fly ca
Dec 30, 2012 8:00am EST
. but it is not as if they can read every little bit of data out there. they have to have powerful tools to examine what is out there. and understand what they need. >> some of this is trend alice for example, when have you large -- trend analysis for example when you have large crowds and folks are use the information. what are some of the tools that the intelligence agencies are using to be able to mine all of this information that is out there? >> first of all, they neat to get it all. -- they need to get it all. one of the ways they get it all is twitter. twitter sells a product to a very few companies call the twitter, the full twitter fire hose, and that fire hose terminology gives you an impression of how much data it is. 400million tweets is obviously so much data, it is impossible. >> a day. >> 400 million a day. >> yes. it is impossible for anybody to even grasp how big that is. so a number of companies are trying to mine it and market it in ways that are specific to dod and the c.i.a., and other intelligence agencies. so who are some of the guys who are most prominently involved in both developing t
Dec 5, 2012 6:30pm PST
attorney's office and the support network understand and have an idea what the statistics are. this is incredible. thank you so much for your efforts. >> thank you. >> commissioner turman: the fiscal year data on the mock-up goes back to 2010. does your data go back further than that? >> it goes back further than that. there is data going further back. >> within your portal? >> the data does exist; we just did not show it in this report. >> commissioner turman asked the question but i want to be clear that the data goes back further than what is indicated on the report. i also want to command and thank the team that is putting this together, the governance council, but certainly this is something to be very clear that has been in the making for over a decade. this really started with the task force, which is now in oversight panel as we have mentioned previously. there is a teamwork and resources to make sure we have coordinated data that is appropriate for each department so that we can again have not only a birdseye view but it a ground view. we have come a long
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Dec 2, 2012 12:00pm PST
of businesses. a president who understands what the private sector needs to succeed. a president who takes the long view and makes the tough decisions. and that's why i'm here tonight supporting president obama. >> paul: that was costco co-founder and former ceo at the democratic national convention in september, saying that president obama will be better for business than mitt romney, but just before that second obama term begins, he's getting a dividend. mr. senegal and the rest of the costco board voted this week to give themselves a special dividend, a 3 billion dollar christmas gift for shareholders that will allow them to be taxed at the current rate of 15% rather than next year's rate of over 40%. and costco is just one of many companies making these one-time cash payouts in a move that will save stocks holders like senegal unless in dividend taxes. and so, mary, turns out maybe taxes do influence investor behavior. what's the meaning of the great cashout of 2012? >> well, don't tax you, don't tax me, tax the guy behind the tree. >> paul: russell long, former late senator. >> exactl
Dec 1, 2012 6:30pm PST
themselves with what the city had. and part of that really neat understanding was that we were holding onto so much of our own data in our own silos with our own very focused obligations that we had, and not realizing that if we had released that data to the public, we could really allow them to help us create even more efficient government, along with some very good entrepreneurial efforts that are reflected in today's announcements and some of our partners that are here today. so, three years later, after announcing this and after doing the first generation of open data legislation, open sf is still a very vigorous, and we want to do even more. we've teamed up again with board president david chiu who has been personally involved with this and helping us and guide us with his knowledge, having been a small business owner himself, with how we can do even better. and today we are announcing actually two areas of improvements to our piece of legislation that i think will get people even more excited. the first is after a couple of years of opening up some of the data streams in our city and
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Nov 30, 2012 7:00pm PST
and the higg-bosan is physical because it shows up on the data, the plot is right there. >> stephen: okay, again, i'm no closer to understanding. i have heard this called the gord particle yeah. >> stephen: why is it called the god particle. >> marketing? :what do you mean? >> people were trying to explain how porn this bosan is to physicists, it's the last piece of this ed i fis we have been building for the last 2500 years. >> stephen: is this is it? >> this is the last piece of this part. >> stephen: so we've won science. >> we've won, the way i like to say it --. >> stephen: can we go back to religion now. >> the easy part is now over. >> stephen: what dow mean the easy part is over. >> we discovered that the universe has different parts to it, there is ode matter there is dark matter, dark energy, so the ode matter, the stuff that make up you and me, you and me make up the four humor, red bile, yellow bile, quite bile. >> obviously you have the element, earth, air, fire and water. what since then? >> quantum field they werery right there. >> over, this is this big hoop, hula hoop the
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Dec 29, 2012 4:00pm PST
teachers to carry a concealed weapon on campus. >> what about the background checks? i understand some states are having a difficult time managing the requests. >> they are. no official data on gun sales over the past few weeks, but signs suggest they are way up. a spike in attendance at gun shows is one inned case cater -- is one indicator and background checks conducted by the fbi. it is also at the state level. law enforcement officials say they need more money, half a million dollars more. it used to take less than half an hour, but now it takes roughly a week with agents working over time. background checks are free in colorado which means they are being subsidized by the taxpayers, and it has one lawmaker recommending that if a person wants to buy a gun, they should pay for the background check themselves. >> thank you very much. >>> our senior pro disuser on capitol -- producer on capitol hill is standing by and wants to tell us about the latest movements happening right now. you are looking live at capitol hill, our nation ace capital. our nation's capital. he will tell us what
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 71 (some duplicates have been removed)